Guests are able to use their own smart phone on venues

Your Restaurant QR Code POS Menu connects unique location-based QR codes

The ultimate hospitality experience for your guest, easy to implement and easy to use.
A standard QR Code is enough.

restaurant qr code pos

Guests scan a unique QR code

Your restaurant QR Code Pos Menu is much more smatter than you think it is, wherever it may be a either the restaurant table or the hotel room, the guests will have instant access to the digital menu with the scan of a displayed QRcode. How? The proprietor, by himself, will be able to connect the different QR codes to the selling and ordering areas as well as the time mEasyPOS Manager will be active.

“Your QRCode Menu knows where the order came from , thanks to the unique QR Codes.”

Better hospitality experience

from digital menu book

The entire menu or your 10 best sandwiches? The decision is all yours.

Easy order in 3 steps.

User friendly smart order service to meet demands

With your restaurant QR Code Pos Menu guests feel they are in control utilizing predetermined services requests at their own will. This counters mishaps or setbacks on either side.
A considerable number of visitors at your sizeable cafe terrace? A lodging suite with extra room service? Smart service requests is your answer.

More than a computerized digital menu


Restaurant QR code POS is more than a tool to keep up-to-date info about price and promotion.

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