Real-time inventory

Being in the restaurant industry, you would know the importance of taking control of inventory. Through the help of mEasyInventory, you can view real-time inventory and ingredient levels in your stock room. The system automatically changes the stock and inventory as per consumption levels and thus you witness always up-to-date results. In addition, you can even manually edit the stock and inventory number as per the consumption as well as keep track of intermediate and manufacturing items.


mEasyInventory has built in barcode reader. So each item can be assigned a barcode and thus speeding the work for sales.

Set stock levels

With so much action going on around you in restaurant, it is not possible every time to know when you are overstock or under-stock. mEasyPOS restaurant system software sets the item-wise minimum and maximum levels. And when you reach either of the levels, it will alert you, thereby ensuring that you are never overstocked or under stocked. In other words, no more burdens with stock level concerns all the time, because our solution does it for you.

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  • Order Types
  • Table Reservations To Menu Management
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Billing Operations
  • Mobile App for orders

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