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mEasyPOS manager is a windows program, a server side software that is core of mEasyPos system, which can be installed on any windows machine. All the menus, categories, rates, sales overview promotion and so on can be supervised and maintained with help of Restaurant Management Software. Also, it gives out a complete summary of the tables including the takeaway and reservations. Likewise, upgraded for touchscreens, mEasyPOS manager is a definitive solution to deal with your everyday request, orders taking and running the entire firm.

Regardless of whether you possess a takeout depo or a restaurant with numerous tables. The mEasyPOS manager comes forth to deal with every single request you get in an efficient and effective manner. With the built in custom report maker, you will be able to look out every products in the restaurants, a birds eye view. Similarly, mEasyPOS Manager, Restaurant Management Software is the back office of the mEasyPOS System that comes to deal with the POS system. Affordable with full featured solution mEasyPOS Manager is not only ideal for every form of restaurants, but also for take-out and delivery, fast food, self-serve, buffet, coffeehouses, and local diners (bars, dance club, and country clubs included). Furthermore, working with the clients we have been able to custom design the framework in efficient and economical way that most retailers can learn in minutes. On the off chance that you do require help, our support team is a click or a call away.


  • Option to Enable or Disable items that are not available in stock. (customer wont able to view disabled ones)
  • One Click Backup/Restore
  • Takeout, Reservation and Dining overview separate
  • Customized Sales report
  • Delayed Order
  • Print Receipts
  • Categories/Sub Categories Management
  • Kitchen Module : With both Tablet (mEasy Kitchen App) and Standalone kitchen module, Status of the food can be viewed as well as updated from kitchen so customers and employee are aware of the food preparation process, or time to serve.
  • Restriction to cancel the orders if it’s on process to be prepared.(visual status of “Preparing”, “Prepared” or “Served”)
  • Waiter call button with the sound and popup notification alert.
  • Supports compound network printers. (Kitchen, Bar, Counters and so on)
  • Automatic receipt printing system after receiving payments or orders.
  • Split Payment System
  • Customizable Receipts: how you want with your logo, text, formats…
  • Kitchen Order Log Reports: Every single transactions going on through the kitchen can be analyzed by means of ORDER LOG REPORT, which thus helps proprietor to assess the execution of gourmet specialist and kitchen staffs.
  • Qr Code Generations
  • Clock In/Out 
  • Stock Management & Overview
  • Multiple Tax Management
  • Connected Device Management(Enable /Disable Android Or IOS Device)
  • Promotions
  • Discounts
  • Unlimited Department Creation: Create departments as kitchen, bar, starters etc and set printer accordingly. Orders belonging to the department will only print in the defined department printer.
  • Cash Drawer Management with End Of Day
  • Voucher Creation and Use
  • Expense Management


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