Guest use their own smart phone to order

QRCode Order allows guests to use their own smartphone.How?By using location-based qrcodes.Extra  service and innovated.

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The digital tablet menu QR code uses are quick and efficient where guests utilize their own personal gadgets to scan the unique code. A mobile restaurant menu shows up within seconds, which empowers your visitors to order without anyone else’s input. The requests are then sent directly to mEasyPOS Manager which further processed to kitchen, bar and starter’s printer.

Utilizing mEasyPOS Manager, you can update all your menu at an instance, creating promotions, change or include items and also the costs. It is the ultimate weapon to ensure branding following your guidelines.

QRCODE MODULE is a separate module for mEasyPOS Manager . You can buy the license of the module to activate the QRCode Module. 

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How to generate QRCode for tables with mEasyPOS Manager ?





Features :

  • Scan qr-code and order
  • No app installation required.
  • Call waiter feature
  • Customers can request bill
  • with a click of a button and waiter/cashier gets notified.
  • Generate table qr-code
  • Separate qr-code for waiter to take order from any floor table and can also request
  •  Order history of customers to view orders.




Customers can order from the table in a very simple way.

1. Scan QRCode

2. Select Menu

3 Select Item

4 Select Quantity and how they want it

5. Go to orderlist, check order again

6. Send

Order is sent directly to mEasyPOSManager and eventually to designated printer.

Guest Scan QRCode

Click Main Menu Button

Select Menu Categories

Select Menu Item

Get Item Information

Add desired quantity of items to order

Go to orderlist (Cart)

Send the order with a single click

Order successfully sent message with order number

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