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QRCode Ordering


Customers can order from their mobile without downloading any app.


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mEasyPOS App


Freedom to choose how you run your business.
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Digital Signage 

More than a replacement for static menus, even back lit menus,
Digital Menu Boards offer:

  • Customer entertainment while waiting
  • Motivate repeat customers
  • Brand building
  • Enhance productivity
  • Create revenue
  • Promoting experimentation

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Wireless Coaster Pager For Restaurants 

  •  Increase Revenue
  • Decrease  Customer Wait Time
  • Attend More Customers

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Our Clients :

mEasy POINT OF SALE (POS) System

mEasyPOS is a complete restaurant management software with an inbuilt point of sale system with tablet ordering and QR code ordering. Customers can order from a mobile or tablet using the apps (mEasyPOSApp or mEasyWaiterApp). When an order is made, it is directly printed in Kitchen or department as set in the system.

A complete and seamless restaurant management solution packed with advanced features to help you deliver a memorable dining experience. Our solution includes digital menu, waiter ordering app, kitchen display, table reservation app with table management system, customer feedback and much more. The best part is that all these products are seamlessly integrated and work like one unit.

Restaurant owners face a day to day challenge of streamlined delivery straight from the customer’s order to kitchen and back. mEasyPOS System provides you with the most comprehensive solution to automate order execution and delivery.

The most popular software applications in the market may have thousands of customers, but do they offer what you need precisely? Rather than blindly investing in popular systems, you should research comprehensibly and compare the available systems in the market. mEasyPOS being an indigenous platform knows the market requirements of the businesses and customizes it to fit their needs.

What our clients say?


I have been using mEasyPOS System about a year .Sazutech has provided me an awesome support . Highly recommended software for restaurants.
mEasyPOS Manager


Phuket , Thailand

I have been using mEasyPOS System about a year .Sazutech has provided me an awesome support . Highly recommended software for restaurants.

Excellent software

A simple to use software for any restaurant. Five stars for support.

Laziz Restaurant,Bangkok ,Thailand
mEasyPOS Manager
Laziz Restaurant
A simple to use software for any restaurant. Five stars for support. Laziz Restaurant,Bangkok ,Thailand

Fin Burger, Thailand

mEasyPOS is the complete restaurant management system. I am very impressed with its useful features, look and feel, user friendliness and support.
mEasyPOS Manager
mEasyPOS is the complete restaurant management system. I am very impressed with its useful features, look and feel, user friendliness and support.


Why Restaurant staff will love mEasyPOS

  • mEasyPOS is easy to adapt to any kind of restaurant type either on Ipad or Android
  • Integration with mEasyPOS System
  • mEasyPOSApp will enable more details of the menu items without increasing the menus size and gives basically unlimited amount of items which can be added
  • Order placing on tablets is simpler and kitchen gets instant notification and creates no confusion as the clarity in orders
  • The service is much faster and efficient with minimum human errors
  • Restaurants can change the restaurant or bar menu anytime without any costs
  • Promote specials and up sell items with vivid visuals
  • Analysis for management and change menu items accordingly with demands and customers liking

Why Customers will love mEasyPOS

  • The mEasyPOS provides more detailed description of the items giving customers a better idea about the order.
  • Easy to use attractive menu and interactive tablet menu will make everything far more appealing
  • Leave instant feedback for the management
  • Customize their own food order with Item Modifier for each food item
  • All the basic questions a customer wonders are right at their fingertips
  • Customers can find their favourite food item with quick search
  • Add special comment at the end of the order notifying if there is any special request for the order
  • Also add remark for each food item according to taste



Multilanguage and Currency

mEasyPOS supports mulitple languages. Lets suppose you have clients from different countries and they do not speak the native language. You can setup measpos manager to add multiple language for a single menu. The menus will be visible in language as swtiched in the apps. To switch between language is just a button click away. Speak Customers Language.

mEasyPOS -Feature-QRCode Order


mEasyPOS Supports multiple tax. Each Item can have one or more tax. Tax is automatically calculated in the bill. Tax can be either included in the price or above the price. Both options are easily configurable from settings.

Interactive Menu

Interactive Menu

PICTURE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS !! Show your customers , high quality mouth watering pictures of your dishes and get rid of old tradition paper money. You can save cost on printing as well. Updating price and details is as easy as a piece of cake. Research shows customers order more  if they see the picture of the items. Moreover , all menus are interactive, which will give customers knowledge about what they are eating and what the food ingredients are. Let them order by choosing the right dishes of their choice.

Theme Customization

Theme Customization

Customize your theme for the apps according to your  restaurant. The colors, background and fonts can be customized easily.

Save To Drobox

Save To Drobox

Do you have dropbox account ? Save your menus and whole database with pictures to your dropbox account. Easy integration.

Employee Clock In/Out

Employee Clock In/Out

Manage the logged in and logged out time for all your employees. Get a detail report of the working hours and calculate salary accordingly. mEasy POS System allows easy to manage clock-In/Out functionality with Salary Management.



Manange all the devices connected to the system . Enable and disable tablets or mobile devices just with single click.

Export Menu

Export Menu

Easily export and import your menus from csv files.


Create unlimited categories of items for each language and copy easily to another language with a single click.

Cash Drawer

Managing Coins is hard work. mEasyPOS supports cash drawer management system which will keep you informed for each penny going in and out. Never miss a dime in your daily sales.

Item Modifier

Item Modifier

mEasyPOS supports unlimited item modifiers of an item. Item modifiers can be grouped so that its easily accessible for different items.

Call Waiter Button

Call Waiter Button

In built waiter call buttons in app to notify the cashier . Customers can call waiters from our app and cashier or manager is instantly notified with sound and popup.

Easy Backup n Restore

Easy Backup n Restore

One click backup and restore function. Save it to your dropbox or anywhere. Never loose your data.

Employee Clock In/Out


Keep your customers info in one place and easily add the frequent customers with single click. Save customers info as email, telephone and easily generate bill on their name .


Easy status of the order is monitored with time. Easy Order Log enables the staffs to monitor each order and its status .



Chef or kitchen staff has quick eye on all incoming orders. Each orders can be monitored and managed using Android App – mEasyKitchen App or mEasyKOT. Chef and staffs can update the status of each order like preparing , prepared and ready to pickup  right from their mobile/tablet or touch screen.Customers get updated about the order in real time.


mEasyPOS -Feature-QRCode Order

Floor / Table Managment

Manage floor and tables easily. mEasyPOS supports unlimited number of tables and floors. Busy and free tables can be sorted easily to avoid confusion. Merge one or more tables for a single bill .

Offline Mode

Offline Mode

Once menus are downloaded to the devices, the devices can work offline even if there is no network or any network issue. Never miss an order because of technical difficulties.Devices do not require internet to operate, internal network connection to server  is required for downloading the latest details  from server.

Quick Search

Quick Search

Search any item quickly with quick search button.

Customizable Reports

Customizable Reports

Reporting is very essential for every business. Our software offers highly customizable reports whether its sales or products, every report is available at your fingertips. Moreover , reports can be exported to excel  or pdf.

mEasyPOS -Feature-QRCode Order

QRCode Order

Adding a QR code to the menu triggers a mobile ordering experience. That way, restaurants can marry the best of old and new technology and make the traditional takeout menu digitally interactive. Customers can order just by scanning qrcode .NO APP DOWNLOAD !! SIMPLY SCAN AND ORDER

mEasyPOS -Feature-QRCode Order


Create Unlimited Vouchers for Occassions. Give vouchers to your returning customers and manage it .

Guest Feedback

Guest Feedback

Keep up to date with customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is essential for improving the services. mEasyPOS offers option on devices to input customers feedback on your services after the completion of order. Feedback can easily be seen and exported from manager. IMPROVE YOUR SERVICE , IMPROVE YOUR SALES.

Inventory n Stock

Inventory n Stock

Manage all your inventory and stock with mEasyInventory Module. Keep track of your stock and get alert for low stocks.


Windows Clients

mEasyPOS Manager

mEasyPOS Server/Manager is the core program of mEasyPOS system. Ordinarily, it is a server side windows program which we can install on any windows (Win7 and above). We can manage all the menus, categories, rates, sales overview promotions with this. Also, maintain system with the mEasyPOS system manager. On the whole, it gives a complete overview of the tables including the takeaway and reservation. Optimized for touchscreens, mEasyPOS system manager is the ultimate solution to manage your day to day order taking and managing tasks in restaurants.

(Note:Without mEasyPOS Manager non of the client modules will work)

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A point of sale inventory system is an exclusive application of Restaurant Inventory Software. It also allows a business owner to keep track of their inventory. Not to mention, without the presence of the owner at the ware house itself. No doubt, a digital way of doing things around. Moreover, no more trouble of having lack of raw materials, employee theft or price irregularity. Here, the POS Restaurant Inventory Software comes forth to help Users to restock their inventory with a click of button. After all, from a desired suppliers helping management in their absence, resulting better employee efficiency.

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Android Client Apps

mEasyPOS Android Client Apps offers complete package of features allowing restaurants to operate more efficiently and bring a new interactive experience for staff and customers alike. In addition, the features will allow restaurants to change menu according to the changing requirements.

Features :

Interactive Menu


POS Inetgration


Theme Customization


Offline Mode


Item Modifier


Item Modifier



mEasyPOS App(For Customers)

The android/iOS based digital restaurant menus are increasing the dining experience. Moreover, diners/ customers are able to interact with mEasy menus. The visually integrated dishes ready to be served with details of ingredients used. No purposes for no holding up time to choose among all. Also, mEasyPOS App is completely incorporated with the kitchen and point of sale systems (mEasyPOS system). Of course, making sure orders to reach kitchen at first hand, also the printing bill from POS systems.

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mEasyWaiter App (For Waiters)

Struggling with lack of manpower, serving efficiency and effectiveness of your staff? Here, Waiter POS is the easy solution to extend the limitation. It covers constraint of the guest’s history, their visits and also their eating habit. Further, it also helps to take table orders, by sending requests straightforwardly to the kitchen through appropriate android/ iOS gadgets. Overall, an effective, efficient way for staffs to see, order, inform and serve the customers within the time.

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mEasyKitchen App (For Chef)

What can be one of the hurdle for the kitchen chefs? Going through the orders to check what is necessary. For such, mEasyKitchen App comes to remove any bills or unwanted details form the kitchen. Likewise, chefs now can visualize the requests made with their gadgets. In addition to that, even change the order status, making easy job for waiters as well to observe/serve the food. Thus, reducing time and engaging more within the kitchen itself.

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Coffee Shops

HOW mEasyPOS System WORKS?

The digital tablet menu QR code uses are quick and efficient where guests utilize their own personal gadgets to scan the unique code. A mobile restaurant menu shows up within seconds, which empowers your visitors to order without anyone else’s input. The requests are then sent directly to mEasyPOS Manager which further processed to kitchen, bar and starter’s printer.

Utilizing mEasyPOS Manager, you can update all your menu at an instance, creating promotions, change or include items and also the costs. It is the ultimate weapon to ensure branding following your guidelines.

Customers can order from the table in a very simple way.

1. Scan QRCode

2. Select Menu

3 Select Item

4 Select Quantity and how they want it

5. Go to orderlist, check order again

6. Send

Order is sent directly to mEasyPOSManager and eventually to designated printer.



Username : waiter

Password : 12345678



Prompt service to satisfy demands of the customer in any restaurant business is vital for any firm. Likewise, in an industry where the customer service makes or break the firm, the technology is coming forth. A wireless restaurant paging system, Waiter Call Button System comes for the higher return of potential customers and profit. And, investing in Waiter Call button, a wireless restaurant paging system leads to enhance quality and efficiency of service. In another word, effectiveness, and efficiency for the servers, employees. Yet, we can say it helps to increase the revenue while reducing your overhead costs, helping to grow the business.

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Faster Service

Don’t make customers wait for staff to check up on them before they want to order another drink or dish.

More Private Environment?

Avoid awkwardly checking up on guests, or making them feel unwelcome by offering them the bill before they’re ready.

More Sales

Answering calls in a timely manner helps adding one extra round of drink though increasing overall sales of the restaurant.


Call From The Tables

Call buttons are placed on each table of the restaurant. When a customer is ready to order or wants to get the check, they can just push a button and their server will be alerted.

Call From The Kitchen or Bar

Palm remotes can be placed in the kitchen and bar. When food or drinks are ready, the kitchen or bar staff can alert the appropriate server by punching the table number on the palm remote

Receive Calls on Monitors/Receivers


Receiver Panel will receive the call . When a call button or palm remote is activated, the receiver panel  will sound and display a message informing the servers where assistance is needed.

Watch Pagers for Servers


Each server will have a watch pager with an easy to read OLED screen. When a call button or palm remote is activated, the watch pager will vibrate and display a message informing the servers where assistance is needed

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