Sazutech’s Live TV

Sazutech Live TV  turns any waiting area into a more enjoyable, relaxing and informative place to be.

With the Info-Live add-on module, a Sazutech digital signage system can be set to display live television programs onto part or all of a digital signage screen. This functionality is particularly useful when children are present. Rather than running around a waiting room as they’re not interested in looking at old newspapers or magazines, their attention will be drawn to and held by live television shows on a large, crystal clear LED/LCD screen.

Businesses already using a Info-Queue add-on as part of their InfoKliks solution can use Info-Live in conjunction with their existing system to keep customers fully informed as to waiting times and their place in the queue, as well as keeping them up to date with live television news stories, weather reports and sports results.

As Info-Live streams originate from within the Local Area Network, there is no increase on the internet loads when Info-Live is in use.

Thus, waiting visitors can be kept entertained and engaged without putting any additional strains on existing PC resources. The Info-Live add-on is highly flexible. Scheduling displays, creating a program list and selecting which channels to show is easy and can be managed remotely, once a TV card is installed in the server PC.

Keeping visitors, clients and customers entertained and informed creates a more positive overall experience for all concerned.

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