Whether customers are going to a shopping mall; a large public building, a restaurant, an airport, railway station or bus stop or either their local bank branch, one topic will catch their interest and hold their attention more than almost any other. What’s happening with the weather?

People are naturally interested in the weather, both current conditions and what’s on the way. Therefore, colorful graphics on large LED/LCD digital signage screens that contain up-to-the-minute weather information capture and hold people’s attention in a far more effective way than radio broadcasts or forecasts printed on the inside pages of a newspaper possibly can.

Sazutech Weather is a built-in widget designed to be used with a Sazutech digital signage solution. Feeds are captured from the internet and sent directly to the Sazutech digital signage platform via the InfoWeather widget.

Customers, staff and members of the public can have instant access to weather updates, without having to take the time to read the newspaper or listen to radio or television broadcasts. They can receive advance warning of impending severe weather, or in the case of public transport depots, they can also be kept informed of what weather they can expect when they reach their destination.

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