Sazutech Digital Signage and communication software is very simple and easy to use management tool which allows you to get your message reached out to your business stake holder in no time.

Communication and interaction with stake holders is vital for any business. The effectiveness of communication depends on the clarity of message and the medium used.

Sazutech Digital Signage is a low cost, high-quality option that will allow your business to maximize its sales without breaking its budget.

Your content may need to be updated, but your technology won’t. Sazutech systems are durable and can be managed from one central location, allowing for easy content modification and adaptation.

SAZUTECH DIGITAL SIGNAGE HAS Two Types of Applications : Designer & Player.


It is an application that can be installed on your desktop, which in a very simple way allows in creating unique and customized design layouts in HD.

  •  Creation of Digital Message : The Designer uses intuitive techniques to generate dynamic content using Images, Videos, TV, DVD, CCTV, Web Cam, Price, Queues Management Modules, Flash files, Excel & PDF, Animated Static & Dynamic Text, Charts Gauges & Tables, RSS, etc…
  •  Unlimited Scenes and Layouts : Create unlimited presentation scenes and layouts according to your need which can be saved in the central content folder.
  •  Manage your screens from central location : Create and publish playlists to 1 to many locations from a central location. Manage the screens remotely using in-built viewer.


Sazutech Player program can control small monitor to large billboard. Sazutech Player can be managed and controlled from either local area network or using broadband connection or USB key.

  •  Multiple Distribution Option : Player can be configured and managed with in local area network or through FTP server using broadband connection or through USB key.
  •  Remote Management : Player can be remotely monitored and controlled i.e. remote view, stop player, restart player.
  •  Control Updates : Player can request updates at specific interval. Player will download only changed or new content.


Sazutech also offers additional modules i.e. Queue Management, Appointment Bookings management with in standard signage solution.

The fastest way to reach out to your stake holders with the leader in Technology. Check out our options and features included.

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