1) Serve the food hot

Serving the food hot and fresh will reduce cold complaints and minimize waste. A waitercall helps you serve food in top condition. The chef can call the serving staff as soon as the meal is ready to be served. The chef simply push a button and sends a message to the relevant pager, which may be a pager in the belt or a smart looking watch.

2) Increase productivity and revenue

Did you know that the wait staff could lose as much as 60 minutes in time per day just to check their order? A waitercall system helps you increase profitability by allowing the servers to spend more time with guests and not have to check constantly in the kitchen if their orders are ready. Staff can focus on providing excellent service, giving recommendations and up-selling to guests.

3) Great atmosphere

A server call from Discover Systems eliminates clocks or loud voices from the kitchen. It improves the atmosphere  of the restaurant and increases sales. You can deliver the best guest experience by keeping chefs, waiters and managers in constant communication and working more efficiently.

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4) More Profits

According to calculations, a restaurant with 4 waiters working with a 6.5-hour shift can yield 3-4 % per cent more per annum in extra sales. With a waitercall, the staff only returns to the kitchen when they need it, giving them more time to take extra orders and make more sales.

5) Easy to use and durable in function.

Wireless paging systems are not depending on your wifi, but run their own frequency, which is your security for constant operation. A waitercall takes minutes in training to any new waiter, and signals such as vibration or beep or flash is understood in any language.

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