Benefits from Providing Restaurant Paging System

Lets imagine the situation. You want to dine in the first-class restaurant with your friends, but you forgot to reserve the table. When you come to this restaurant, the hostess tells you that there are no free tables. She writes you name down and asks you to wait until any table will be free. Thus, you are forced to be near the restaurant and wait for your name to be called. In most cases, restaurants use megaphones to announce guests’ names. It’s not so convenient for you because you don’t have any privacy, as everyone in restaurant can hear the voice from the megaphone.
To avoid such situation the restaurant paging system was created. The paging system is very easy-to-use device, which allows customers not to wait near the restaurant until the free table appears. When a customer comes to the restaurant and there are no free tables, he/she is given the paging device, which buzzes and informs him/her about the vacant table. Sometimes, such devices have the function of text messages which are shown on the display when the table is free.
Restaurant pager systems give the customer freedom to wait in various areas than the front of your restaurant. It gives more privacy to the customer, as not everyone will be satisfied if someone else in the restaurant know his/her names. With the help of the paging system, while waiting, customers may go shopping or find other activities.
Moreover, restaurant paging system allows not just to reduce the noise in the restaurant, but also to promote a quiet peaceful atmosphere. It is explained by the fact that there is no need to call out names of the people who’s table is ready. At the same time, with the help of such system you may reduce the wait time and increase table turns.
Kitchen staff and waitress can use paging system also to make their work more effective. It looks like this. When the food is ready to be served, kitchen staff inform the waitresses about it with the help of paging system devices. Thus, the food will be served hot and as soon as possible.
As a rule, an average restaurant paging system includes 12 pagers, a transmitter and a central unit. The price of such system varies but in general it may cost near Euro 239. You may also choose the cheaper system or vise versa more expensive one. All this depends on you profits and the availability to spend money.
Among the most common and famous types of paging systems are:
  • Beeper. This device is the oldest type of the paging system. Traditionally, this device beep or light up when the free table appears.
  • Alphanumeric. This type of device is a bit modernized. It has a display on which the text message is showed when the free table appears.
If you want to improve the service in your restaurant and hence its image, the restaurant paging system is a good choice for it. Let you customers fell themselves more special for you.
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