How it works?

How mEasyMenu System Works ?


mEasyMenu System consists of two components on Restaurant tablet POS.

1. mEasyMenu Manager

2. mEasyMenu App 

1. mEasyMenu Manager

mEasyMenu Manager is the backoffice of mEasyMenu System installed on any pc connected to Wi-Fi or LAN. mEasyMenu Manager handles all the request sent from android devices installed with mEasyMenu App. Moreover, all the menu management and creation is managed with mEasyMenu Manager as well.

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2. mEasyMenu App : 

mEasyMenu App is an android client of mEasyMenu System, the Restaurant tablet POS. mEasyMenu app can be installed on any android/ iOS devices. Further, mEasyMenu App connects to mEasyMenu Manager through Wi-Fi and downloads all the necessary data’s. However, it is not necessary for mEasyMenu App to be further connected to mEasyMenu Manager, to synchronize data into the system. As, the synchronized data on the mEasyMenu App can work in offline mode without being connected to internet. Yet, the Call Waiter and other functions require Wi-Fi to operate.

View Demo and Installation Videos                             View System Requirement For mEasyMenu System


How mEasyPOS System Works ?

mEasyPOS System is a next generation solution on the field of restaurant. With Restaurant tablet POS, our system is as easy as 1-2-3 steps. All in all, the whole system can be setup just within few hours. Ready to operate offering HD quality digital menu’s to the customers. Usually, the HD Digital Menu consists of vibrant photos with descriptions. Please check the Video below to understand the concept and workflow of mEasyPOS system.

View Demo and Installation Videos            View System Requirement For mEasyMenu System

1) mEasyPOS System with mEasyPOSApp WorkFlow

Customers can use mEasyPOSApp installed on the android/ iOS devices. These customers can place their orders themselves without the need to call servers. In like manner of any assistance the customers can press CallWaiter Button which in turn will notify Waiters and at Counter.


2) mEasyPOS System with mEasyWaiterApp WorkFlow

Likewise, mEasy WaiterApp is installed on waiter’s devices for Restaurant tablet POS. Here, the waiters can use mEasy WaiterApp to assign table, browse menu, take orders, and check order status (ordered item on the process status). Also, the waiters can go through to make payments, checkout tables and many more.


3) mEasyPOS System with mEasyKitchenApp WorkFlow

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