restaurant POS App

 mEasyPOSApp ( For android devices such as tablets and phones ) is the android client app  which works seamlessly with the mEasyPOS Manager and act as a powerful digital order software for android devices. The mEasyPOSApp can easily be installed on any android tablet and is rich with functionality such as HD digital Menu, call waiter,  food update status, customize order, payment,  feedback, advertisment, promotions etc. Each tablet can easily be fastened (locked) on a table or you can easily change the table you require just with a single click of a button. So in other words , this restaurant pos app is completely flexible for a single table order or more.

Imagine you have a restaurant and you want to replace the traditional paper menu into a new modern HD digital menu. Its quite easy with mEasy restaurant POS app. With our app  customers can simply browse your digital menu and  start ordering in few minutes. Moreover , they can see the status of their order while waiting for the food. In this way customers will always get updated when they are going to be served or what is in preparation..

As a restaurant owner you always give priority to the service. Customers can easily call the waiter with a simple click of a button.  The Restaurant cashier and the waiters get instantly notified about the service being called through mEasyPOSApp.


Easy Navigation

mEasyPOSApp is designed with easy navigation in mind. Categories and items of the menus are easy to be listed and searched with a click of a button. With slide navigation, customers can easily navigate through the items and order instantly. Each product page incudes the price and details.


Call Waiter Function:

Providing an excellent service is a top priority job in restaurant business. You do not want your customer to wait . With a single click of a button, your customer can call waiter.The counter will get instant notification about the Waiter being called from specific table.


Social Media Integration

In era of social marketing, each and every restaurant owners wants to share and publish its products to the world. Customers can share the food details in social media as Facebook and tweeter .Thus a free of cost marketing with a single click. While customer wait for the orders, they can easily play or login to their favourite social media and eventually check the status of the prepration of the food they have ordered.

Instant View of Ordered Food Status

Our app consist of a detailed view of preparation status of the ordered items. The status of the item customer has ordered can easily be viewed from our app , so that the customers knows which item is going to be served next.



Multilingual Menu

In restaurant business , you get clients from different parts of the world . Sometimes its hard to communicate with the client and provide them the menu in their own language . But with our app , you can easily provide the menus in customers language . Our app is multilingual .That means each item can be translated into different language from The mEasyPOS Manager and when the customer selects the language, all the items including the menus appears in his desired language. Our app currently supports English, Chinese, Russian, Korean,Spanish and DutchYou will have same menus in different language along with different promotions for each language with our app.



Promotions and Advertisement

Promote your Special Items, Daily Menus, Discounted Items etc.Invite your suppliers and partners to advertise on your mEasyPOSApp tablets.Advertising  creates an additional source of revenue. Let guests know about special events etc



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