mEasyPOS KOT is a Windows application that not only progressively demonstrate real time  approaching orders in-house to empower Chef’s in kitchen to organized thing, but also guarantee’s the requests are dispatched within the benchmark time, a possible solution to upkeep visitors happy by utilizing productive kitchen. The Head Chef or proprietor will also be able to monitor all the request status and work process, and change the order status progressively over the applications (mEasyPOSApp, mEasyWaiterApp,mEasyPOS Manager, mEasyPOSCashier). This further helps server as well to know the status of the request, and act as needs be. For the customers, it provides a look out to their request’s and its current status.


mEasyPOS KOT Features:

  • Replace regular and printed KOT (Kitchen Order Tracking) menus with digital tablet menu.
  • Real time status of orders can be changed/ updated accordingly from Received to Preparing, Prepared and Served.
  • Order Update status over all the mEasyPOS System Apps (mEasyPOSApp, mEasyWaiterApp, mEasyPOSCashier, mEasyPOS Manager, mEasyPOSKOT)
  • Color codes to display order status.
  • Mitigates cost of miscellaneous, such as printer
  • Orders can be filtered by Table number as well as by Order Received Mode (i.e. whether its takeaway or Dinning request).
  • Gourmet specialists are able to view clients special requests as well comments on their orders (plus point to prepare as per client’s taste and preference)

mEasyPOSKOT Benefits:

  • Limits delayed order
  • Increases the table turnover
  • Limits printing costs
  • Elevats kitchen performance, chef and staff included
  • Keeps track of order and serving time
  • All logs can be followed /Printed through mEasyPOS Manager and mEasyPOSCashier

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