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No more basic ways of pen and papers, digital era is here, so why not venture into this computerized world. In like manner, the mEasy Waiter POS comes for taking orders through your digital devices. The mEasy Waiter App, is a client android application that works alongside with mEasyPOS Manager on any android/ iOS devices. On the whole, the servers are able to take quick orders, go through order status, as well as, check out tables with single click.


Complete Overview of Tables

Servers able to go through tables on single view/ get complete details as well, orders and status quo


Fast Ordering

Items with code allows fast ordering without visit to kitchen itself or browsing whole menu.

Food Preparation Status Update

Complete status of food being ordered, from preparing, to prepared on single digital tablet menu.

Quick Overview of Ordered Items

Single button give details on items being ordered and pending requests.

Accept Credit Card Or Cash

Select cash or credit card to take payments



Call Waiter Notification

Waiter call button on digital tablet menu alerts waiter either to serve the customer, or in case of required assistance from customer.

Multi Language

Select 28 different languages from mEasyWaiter



Quick Button Print Bill

Single button to check out customers and print the bill through wireless printers. Printers can be connected to mEasyPOS Manager . Wirelss, Lan , USB and Bluetooth printers are supported.




Floor Management

Easy and simple floor management with a click. See the tables accordingly.

Kiosk Mode

Lock the device for your employees , so that they can only use mEasyWaiter App. Let them concentrate only on their work.

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