Enveloping Operations For All Order Types

Dine In

The dine in operation mode allows you to view the seating arrangements in the system, live status of individual tables (reserved, occupied,merged ) and even direct your waiting staff by allocating specific table individually. If needed, you can even re-direct table to another table in the middle of the serving. As a result, your guests will have a favorable time and they would be more likely to return to experience your hospitality.


Managing Take Away orders can now be looked upon as a simplified task. Just imagine how the feature that can split, merge or reprint receipts for the orders can save your time significantly. Moreover, the feature of guest-check paves way for a smooth settling of orders. A comprehensive point of sale system is the only thing that you need to take your restaurant to the next level.


So, the customer wants to get the order delivered at his place. What you do? Start sifting through piles of papers or take the help of our restaurant POS software for better efficiency? mEasyPOS ! allows you to maintain a different guest database with complete information of your guests for your regular delivery orders.


Your kitchen staff does not need misplaced paper KOTs or to decipher scribbled hand-written notes. Instead, they are looking for real-time order information. Regardless of the order type, with our restaurant system software, the kitchen receives the order instantly in the tablet with Kitchen App installed. The Kitchen App displays all the current, pending and served orders on the screen, ensuring that your staff does not miss any orders or accidentally, take up a served order leading to wastage. What’s more, whenever there is a situation of order surge, you can calibrate the resources and respond efficiently.Eventually every step of order can be updated such as preparing , prepared and ready to pickup with a single touch of a button. The cashier and waiters can keep track of the orders on mEasyPOS Manager or mEasyPOS Cashier.

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