Restaurant Pagers

Improve Restaurant Operations, Increase Customer Satisfaction

Restaurant pagers improve communication between restaurant staff and customers, which provides for a more efficient restaurant operation and highly satisfied customers. Guest pagers help you notify customers faster when orders are ready, while server pagers keep staff and managers in constant communication and working productively. Additional benefits include:

  • Instantly call staff and managers to provide immediate assistance when necessary
  • Increase staff productivity and enhance the customer experience
  • Create a more streamlined order pick-up process that relieves front counter congestion


Relieve Counter Congestion, Improve Customer Experience

Turn waiting guests into happy customers with a guest paging system  . Guest paging system notifies customers with a flash, beep or vibration the instant their food is ready. No longer will customers need to wait near the pick-up counter or listen to a noisy overhead system for their order number. With guest paging system, customers are free to find a seat and enjoy conversation while they wait for their order.

guest  paging system relieves counter congestion, creating a more streamlined order pick-up process. Lightweight and convenient, digital pagers free customers to visit with one another on the patio, in the dining area, or at the play area while they wait for their food. With guest paging system, your staff will deliver faster, smoother, more customer-friendly service.


  • The customer comes to a restaurant and makes an order.
  • The waiter gives client a pager(every pager has a number )and notes down the number.
  • When the order is ready, the waiter presses the button on the transmitter.
  • The pager vibrates and rings informing the client that the order is ready.
  • Client goes to the counter , returns the pager and takes his prepared order.

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