OEM-White Label

What is OEM?

OEM (pronounced as separate letters) is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer, a term to describe company’s special relation with computer and IT producers. In other words, OEMs are manufacturers who resell products of other companies under their own name and branding..

Re-branding our products with OEM: 

mEasyPOS System is the only Restaurant Software available that allows the private label solution for the re-sellers, this includes software developed with your company’s details, logos and name of the products you wish to include.

The branded version of our software offers an approach you want to sell it as you wish to, this includes the sales choice which are not limited in anyway, this implies you can set your own cost for the product/ software keeping all the profits to your own. You can even offer it as an OEM providing for your customers. However, restriction include you are not provided with the software source code and the software license generation rights.

Being OEM Re-seller with Sazu Technologies :

  • OEM  Re-seller needs to purchase licenses of our applications (software) from our website.
  • 30% discount on all purchase of applications (software)
  • We provide all required pictures and reports for your website.
  • We also provide common troubleshoot guidelines for all the applications, also needed support from our website if necessary.
  • Least buy 20 license (single or mixed).

Full Advantages of Being   OEM Re-seller:

Your customers know you the best. So your image name gives you more deals and quick turn over.

  • Allows to set your own price for the software, support, upgrades and maintenance
  • Grounded brand name by including international software in your profile
  • Your client remains loyal for life time
  • Prompt support with peace of mind
  • Consideration for special features requested by your customers
  • Able to have your own logo (on boot of applications) and copyright, nothing specific about our organization is mentioned.
  • We provide custom built profile for your organization on application you purchase
  • OEM not limited to a single software, but also applies contract to mEasyPOS  System .


  • Minimum Purchase of 20 Licenses(any software)
  • Signed and Stamped OEM Contract(download here)
  • Company Logo

Support Policies for OEM Re-seller : 

Sazu Technologies provides all support required for the end-user. However, other information’s regarding installation and troubleshooting are provided in form of video tutorials.

If you are interested in OEM, we can send OEM right away to you after signing the contracts, though it takes a day or two to make the custom app including logo and copyrights links, all we need is your logo and copyright information.

Download OEM Contract here.


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