PCLess Wireless ordering system is a modern ordering system for restaurant that does not require expensive hardware or software to run your restaurant business.Benefits are to proliferate moment spent with customers and reducing time consume in taking orders manually, then walking to the nearest terminal or even to the kitchen to place orders. PC less Wireless Ordering system allows a lots of operation advantage such as: cost saving as less waiter movement and improve order taking; Improve efficiency on food serving turn around; better customer services with less wrong ordering; improve billing procedure as reduce the billing turn around timing.

Benefits :


Features :

  • Easy Setup
  • Easy To Program ( Upload Menus and Categories)
  • Unlimited Tables
  • Master and Slave Mode
  • Works on radio signal , so no WIFI Needed


Wireless Printer

Sending Terminal


The pcless wireless ordering system works with radio signal. So no wireless router or wifi is required. The sender terminal connects to the wireless printer with radio signal and sends the order to wireless printer directly. So basically its PLUG N PLAY,

When the customer comes, the waiter can take order with sender terminal simply by choosing the table and then choosing the items by category or just with item number. This makes the order fast and effective. Before sending the order, the waiters can verify the complete order and then confirm sending to the printer. As many printers can be attached and programmed for different departments as kitchen ,bar or counter. Each respective item will print  in the respective department .

How to program the items and categories with price ?

Programming the sender terminal is quite easy with our software. Simply connect the sender terminal with usb cable to computer running our software and upload your items/menus with csv file or upload it manually. When all menus/items are set simply send it to the sender terminal. The sender terminal is then ready  to use .

How do we connect the printer with sender terminal ?

Connecting printer with sender terminal is quite easy. The sender terminal automatically detects the printer when we select the printer settings or can be programmed with our software. When connected successfully, sender terminal sends a test print to the printer.

How do we manage the sales ?

Sender terminal can be programmed as master or slave. Master terminal will hold all the sales reports that can be filtered according to date and can simply be print. Moreover all the reports can be downloaded to computer with our software.  All the sales report can easily be shared with the slave terminals as well. All the table transactions are shared automatically with the slave terminal. That means, slave terminal can view edit and reprint all the orders of all the tables simultaneously.

How do we checkout the table ?

Sender terminal can manage the checkout. Simply select the table . It will show the total orders, select CASH or CARD transaction and mark it as paid .  As soon as the table is set to paid , a receipt will be printed in the wireless terminal which can be used as invoice. When a table is set to paid , it is ready to take new orders.


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